Meet Preparation

Here are a few things to consider as you prepare for your competition:


Step 1 –  Check In: You will check in with the registration table, present your Photo ID and your USA Powerlifting Card.

               Opening Attempts: In PENCIL write your opening attempts on your card in KILOS (remember, opening attempts can be changed up to 3 minutes prior to the start of your flight if needed)

When converting your pounds to kilos, kilo weights must be in 2.5kg increments, so be prepared to round up or down. (ie, want to open with 160lbs?  You will need to either put down 72.5kg or round down to 70kg or up to 75kg)

Step 2 – Equipment / Gear Check: Your lifting gear (singlets, tshirts, knee sleeves,  wrist wraps, socks, shoes, belt etc) will be inspected and approved prior to the start of the competition

  • Raw Personal Equipment:
    • Singlet
    • T-shirt (either blank or with an approved logo, like Titan, Inzer, SBD or your school, lifting club or gym) – Bring an extra
    • Underwear (tighty whitey style, boxer briefs and boy shorts are acceptable as long as the the length of the legs are minimal)
    • Lifting belt – no padding or velcro
    • Knee sleeves
    • Knee high socks
    • Lifting shoes (Squat Bench and Deadlift)
    • Wrist wraps
    • Chalk (provided, but you may want to have your own)

Step 3 – Rack Heights : Get your rack heights for both squat and bench. Your bench rack height will have both the rack and safety bar heights.  (Write these down, some future meets will have an online link available to input your rack heights)

Step 4 – Weigh Ins:  Bring your Photo ID and Member ID Card.  Wear something easy to take off for weigh-ins, there are lifters waiting, so the quicker you (and your fellow competitors) can get in and out of the weigh-ins, the faster you can eat and prepare for your competition.  Lifters 4 and Under must weigh in with their tshirt and singlet on.


  • **USA Powerlifting MEMBERSHIP CARD** Print it and bring it to the meet – You can show it on your SmartPhone too
  • Photo ID.
  • Ipod/music
  • Video camera
  • Food/drinks
    • Bring snacks for the entire day. You will want to eat throughout the day to keep fueling the body.
  • Lbs to kg coversion chart with your anticipated attempt selections


  • Knowledge is power! Take some time to read through the USA Powerlifting Technical Rules, this only benefits you as a lifter to know what you can and can’t do!
  • Review (and practice) commands for each lift:
  • Squat : Squat/Rack
  • Bench: Start/Press/Rack
  • Dead: Down
  • Lifting: You have 60 seconds to get the Start command once the bar is loaded, be ready!
  • Attempts: You will turn in your next attempt immediately following your exit from the platform.  You must do this within 60 seconds of exiting the platform.  Remember, you can go up, stay the same (in the event you missed an attempt) or decline another attempt).  You cannot go ‘down’ if you miss an attempt (open confident!)


  • We drug test! Do not leave the meet until an announcement has been made that the athletes have been selected for testing.  Failure to be present when requested will be considered a failure.  If you must leave, please check in with the meet director first.
  • Did you set an American Record? We need a copy of your Photo ID and for you to sign your Record Claim Form. (Only at the State Championships, Regional Championships or National Championship Meets)
  • Awards are given at the end of the session or day depending on the meet schedule! Stick around for your individual award, best lifter awards and the group photo at the end.

See you on the platform!