Southwest Regional Championships

2018 USA Powerlifting Southwest Regional Championship



Phoenix Marriott Mesa, 200 North Centennial Way, Mesa, AZ 85201

August 11, 2018

Flight List and Schedule

Live Stream – Session 1 – 8:00am

Live Stream – Session 2 – 2:00pm

    • Eligibility:There are no qualifying totals required to compete in Regionals this year!Open to all members of USA Powerlifting in the following states:  Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, New Mexico,  Nevada and Utah.

      All 2018 Regionals will serve as an optional qualifier for 2018 Raw Nationals and 2019 Men’s and Women’s Open Nationals. The TOP 3 Male and Female finisher in ANY division in each region will automatically qualify for the respective National, regardless of total. All Regional Championships will be run with National meet standards including gear requirements, National level judges available for American records, technical secretary and a referee jury on the platform. This meet is intended to provide a National level experience for local lifters and prepare lifters for a National Level platform.   For further clarification, please visit

       Registration: The Meet is Full!

      email to be placed on the wait list.

      Referee – Staff- Volunteer for SW-Regionals

      USA Powerlifting Express Assumption of Risk, Release of Claims and Liability and Indemnity Agreement:

      All Lifters and Meet Participants, including Loaders, Spotters, Platform Workers, Coaches in the Warm Up Room and Referees must complete this form prior to weigh-in or the commencement of the event, whichever is applicable.

      Athlete, Coach & Staff/Volunteer Waiver Form

    Note:  All registered participants are subject to drug testing!  We will test 10% of lifters.

    Admission Spectators and Coaches: $10.00

  • Pre Sale Admission Tickets
  • Awards: Awards will be given to the top 5 places in each weight and age category. Best lifter awards will be awarded to the combined age categories Teen, Junior, Master, and Open for both raw and equipped where the division has at least 6 lifters registered.
  • Championship Hotel:                                                                                       
  • Mesa Marriott, 200 North Centennial Way, Mesa, AZ 85201                  

Directions to Hotel/Event Light Rail Map with Local Restaurants and Attractions                                                                          

 1 Day, 2 Sessions, 2 Platforms

Check Ins:                                                                                                                      August 10th Friday,     3:00pm – 7:00pm
August 11th Saturday, 5:30am – 7:30am & 11:30am – 1:30pm


Weigh Ins:   

August 11th Morning Session 6:00am – 7:30am
Afternoon Session 12:00pm – 1:30pm

Lifting Schedule:

Session 1 Lifting begins at 8:00am                                                                          Session 2 lifting begins at 2:00pm

Championship Directors:
Miryam and Rodney Elm

Tel. 623.326.2933



Competitors at South West Regional Championships will be selected to compete at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival, BATTLE OF THE REGIONS (replacing the Ohio Push-Pull on Sunday) 

Each of the eight regions will be teamed up against each other as well as male and female for best lifter. 

Selection:   Invitation Only from all 2018 USA Powerlifting Regional events                                                                                                              Format: Full Meet                                                                                           

Division: Open = all approved equipment, including single-ply gear

Each Region Meet Director will nominate:

  • Top 5 Open athletes (must include a minimum of 1 female)
  • Nominated can include 2 National-level competitors who compete at Regionals as guests
  • Super Regions (ie, Midwest/Central) will nominate a total of 10 athletes (5 from each region)
  • Wildcard slots: 2 for Ohio residents

Battle of the Regions Scoring:                                                                       

Best Male & Female by Wilks                                                                          Team Scoring: Wilks points for each team member will be added together for a team total. 


Additional Regional Meet Information:

  • Only state members within the Region can compete in their designated Regionals
  • Regionals are recognized as a ‘National’ level meet, but state referees are allowed to sit as referees
  • A Jury of National Referees and higher is mandatory
  • American Records can be set at Regionals
  • Regionals will serve as qualifiers for Raw Nationals and Open Nationals – only open and age divisions are allowed
  • Top 3 placings in all divisions will automatically qualify for Nationals, regardless of whether they meet the qualifying total or not
  • Top 5 winners from each division of the previous year’s Nationals can compete at Regionals only as a guest lifter in the division(s) that they medaled in. Competing as a guest lifter is not necessary if they want to compete in another division that they are currently eligible for
  • To compete at a Regional meet, the lifter must have a current membership with USA Powerlifting a qualifying total is not required

State Co Chairs
Rodney & Miryam Elm